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Most of the programs happening in the faculty are conducted by the Business Students Association. The program calendar of the Business Students Association is posted below

4 31st Aug – 4th Sept,2015 Open Nominations
5 7th – 11th September, 2015 Vetting for new executives
6 14th – 17th September,2015 Campaign & Manifesto Reading
7            18th September,2015 Election Day
8 21st – 25th September,2015 Swearing In
9 5th – 9th October,2015


Excel Workshop
10 26th – 30th October,2015 Meeting with Professional Bodies –( ACCA,ICB,CIM)
11 28th October,2015 Business Association Anniversary
12 2nd – 6th November,2015 Visit to Ghana Stock Exchange
1 21st February,2016 Fun Trip
2 25th February,2016 Business Seminars
3 28th February,2016 Springboard Road Show